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Roger Callahan, Founder of Thought Field Therapy and great Inspiration to Steve Light and Tapping Therapy.

Dr. Roger Callahan PHD. Creator of Thought Field Therapy.

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About Tapping Therapy
Information about Tracey White and Tapping Therapy.

What is TFT?
About Thought Field Therapy and a brief history.

Eliminate your Depressive feelings with Tapping Therapy now.

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Eliminate your addictive urges with Tapping Therapy now.

Trauma and PTSD
Deal with your trauma powerfully with Tapping Therapy now.

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Tapping Therapy
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What is Thought Field Therapy

"Tapping into natures healing system"

Dr. Roger Callahan started developing TFT in 1979-1980 and has been improving it ever since.

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a new technique for the rapid relief of all kinds of emotional distress. It works rather like acupuncture by stimulating the body’s energy meridians to resolve problems with the body’s emotional control system. However no needles are used. Instead the patient taps on various parts of the body with their fingers. The results are frequently amazing as emotional problems often disappear in minutes.

What can it be used for?

TFT was originally developed as a treatment for phobias and traumatic stress. Further research has meant that it can now be used to treat a wide variety of problems including stress and anxiety, panic attacks, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, grief, acute trauma and PTSD, anger, guilt, pain, sexual problems, addictions (including food, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling, nail-biting, etc.) and much more.

How does it work?

According to Dr. Callahan’s theory, whenever we think of something, we are effectively tuning in a specific “Thought Field” in much the same way as a TV must be tuned in to receive a specific channel. Held within that energy field are the coded information patterns used by the mind and body to generate the entire emotional experience associated with that thought. This is why the experience is always identical – the same “instructions” are followed each time. Dr. Callahan has named these “perturbations” (from a dictionary definition of the word – “a cause of mental disquietude”). By tapping on the correct meridian treatment points in a specific sequence these perturbations can be deactivated, thereby “switching off” the emotional experience. The individual can now think about what troubled them as much as they like as memory remains unaffected – but the negative emotion (anxiety, anger, guilt, etc.) associated with it will no longer be present.

How does the success rate of TFT compare with other therapies?

The simple answer is that there is no comparison! Even the 80% success rate enjoyed by Algorithm Practitioners is far better than that achieved by most experienced and competent practitioners of other therapies. For example, the overall success rate of hypnotherapy in stopping people smoking (measured at 6 months post-treatment) is only around 30%, with a few highly competent hypnotherapists managing 70%. Some traditional therapies are so ineffective that no success rates have ever been published!

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